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From several customer requests, we have add a new set of financial functions to the formula library. Mostly the functions are copies of what Excel has, but there are a few that Excel does not have. There are also a subset of the functions that have been added to sthe summarize tool since they take a variable # of parameters.


The formula tool adds: FinanceNPV, FinanceIRR, FinanceRate, FinancePV, FinanceFV, FinancePMT, FinanceNPER, FinanceNominalRate, FinanceEffectiveRate, FinanceCAGR, FinanceMIRR, FinanceXNPV, FinanceXIRR, , FinanceMXIRR, FinanceFVSchedule.


The Summarize tool gets: FinanceNPV, FinanceIRR, FinanceMIRR, FinanceXNPV, FinanceXIRR, FinanceMXIRR


I thought to demonstrate the new tools I would write a quick mortgage calculator. I always loved the way my old HP 48GX calculator did it. It let you enter in all the mortgage values and then solve for any individula one. So I whipped up a wizard GUI for it:



The only problem is that the result is very simple - basically a single #. It seemed a shame to make the user open a file after running the wizard to get a single #. What I wanted was a simple browse. I extended the Wizard Finish dialog to allow specific browse tools that have been identified as output to show up. It loads in in the same default tab as the module, so you can have it go straight to a report or map tab. This allowed me to build a quick report snippet and allow the user to see the answer without and more steps. Pretty cool...