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Under the hood of Alteryx: tips, tricks and how-to's.

Wasn't summer supposed to be a quiet time? It feels like things are moving faster than ever here at Alteryx, so why not have a release? I'm excited to announce the release of version 6.2 of Alteryx later this month with a fantastic new addition for our Server clients. This marks a milestone for us here at Alteryx with the release of both our flagship engine product and the addition of the new slick web capability. With 6.2, server users will have the ability to install a website and share wizards across their organization without a DBA or a web developer! Publishing best practices to the users who need it, with the ease of a browser and the power of Alteryx is simply a game changer.


Here's what's coming in 6.2:

  • Publishing wizards in an on premise web-site with a clean interface
  • Module Meta Info tab for easy documentation of modules and wizards
  • Module dependencies supports UNC paths
  • Enhancements for Census Bureau for the 2010 Census Data Engine
  • Assorted fixes:
    • Tool Containers
    • Office 2010 formats not being seen by the input/output tools
    • Specific spatial fixes

With the newly coordinated development effort across our teams we are moving towards more frequent releases throughout the year, including our next major release, Alteryx 7.0, at our annual user conference Inspire 2012 in February 2012!

The focus of Alteryx 7.0 includes efforts around:

Presentation enhancements

  • Map Tool enhancements
  • PNG output

Data Install enhancements

  • Enhanced User Experience
  • Reduced number of DVDs piling up on your desk

Accessible Processing

  • Scheduler
  • Distributed Computing

Simplified Database Access

  • Connection Repository
  • Alias Support (one place to change your passwords)

Wizard publishing to Alteryx web

User Community

  • News/Portal Module

Focus on Industry

  • Telecommunications
  • Retail
  • Media

And more!


We will keep you updated on the final feature set as we get closer to release.


We also held our 2nd e-forum in June and got some great feedback from our customers around new features including industry specific content and visualization enhancements, but we're always looking for more! If you have an idea for the product, please send it to Feeling adventurous? We are always looking for more people who are interested in Beta testing and providing feedback. Please contact us if you have someone who would like to test a preview.


See you at Inspire 2012!


Amy Holland, VP Product Management