Energy User Group

Welcome to the Energy User Group: Intro from Group Leaders

8 - Asteroid

We are excited to be starting this new Industry User Group adventure and will be announcing more details of our first meeting very soon.


The idea of this group took hold with a few of us in the Houston area, so many of us are more generally tied to Oil and Gas. Furthering the idea while at Alteryx Inspire in Nashville, we recognize a broader scope of energy as an industry, the many methods and forms it takes and are looking forward to building a network and community where we can discuss topics around any form or source of energy, its distribution, impact, and responsibility.


So this should be really interesting and I am looking forward to expanding this network of Alteryx users to other areas of the energy industry.

The topics are endless, as are the many opportunities for discussion.





8 - Asteroid

Hello everyone and and welcome to the new Energy Industry Alteryx User Group!


I'm Randy Yoder, mechanical engineer and business data analyst at Transocean. As an offshore drilling contractor, we operate as far upstream as you can imagine.


I've worked through my career beginning as a field support mechanical technician, eventually completing my mechanical engineering degree and designing heavy drilling equipment for both offshore and onshore rigs. Eventually, I moved to sales and then projects. The most recent downturn forced us all to do more with less, embrace a data-driven mindset, which is how I ended up in a place like this.


I have been using Alteryx for around 2 years, in my role in Transocean's Reliability Department, but have also had opportunities to help other departments along the way. Currently we are in the middle of an Enablement Program to bring others at the company further along with Alteryx and modern self-service data and analytics in general.


I'm working with a highly knowledgeable and diverse team to get this group up and running. 

5 - Atom

Welcome everyone to the new Alteryx Energy User Group!


I'm Robert Smart, Data Analytics Specialist at Phillips 66. I lead the data analytics program for Internal Audit, identifying opportunities where analytics can be leveraged and implement solutions that add value both to the audit process and to the company as a whole. My primary tools are Alteryx and Tableau.


After obtaining my BBA in Information Systems, I started my career supporting, training, and leading business intelligence technology teams within the banking, military healthcare, and energy commodities industries. I then went on to get by MBA. When Phillips 66 split their midstream and downstream assets from ConocoPhillips, I got an opportunity to come aboard and expand into data warehousing for Commercial, and pricing and economic analysis for Lubricant sales.


I have been using Alteryx for 1.5 years, in my current data analytics role in Internal Audit. I am also on the advisory team for our company's data analytics user community, CFI (Community For Insights). Our company is in the midst of a business transformation called AdvantEdge66, in which data analytics is a key component and enabler. The goal is to become more agile, efficient, and smart.


I'm excited to help get this group started and hope to share and learn together with all of you.