Energy User Group

2019 Q3 - Alteryx Energy User Group Recap

8 - Asteroid

The first Alteryx Energy User Group meeting was really fun, informative, and holds some really useful content. 



Purpose and intros

We started with introductions of our purpose and leadership team. I’m really glad to be a part of this group and really believe such a diverse group of experiences, backgrounds, and professional roles is a tremendous strength



Guest Speaker: Mike Kucharski, IADC RAPID S53

Our guest speaker was Mike Kucharski from the International Association of Drilling Contractors (IADC), who spoke about the RAPID S53 Database. This database is the result of a Joint Industry Project where offshore drilling contractors, operators, and Subsea Blow Out Preventor Manufacturers are all participating in a common failure reporting database for subsea components according to American Petroleum Institute’s Standard S53, Wells Control Equipment Systems for Drilling Wells.


This is a fantastic example where competing companies and organizations are coming together with data in a common platform.

A new component of the IADC RAPID S53 platform is the release into test of an API for accessing this data. This API is currently in test, but hopefully will be released for real data soon.


Use Case 1: RAPID S53 API Connector, Randy Yoder

Using this API, we moved into our very first Use Case discussion.

I provided a walkthrough of the Alteryx Connector workflow developed for pulling data from the RAPID S53 Database, completing the Authenitcation, GET, parsing, and prep of the data using Alteryx.



This workflow will be made available here on our group page. All that is needed for you to pull your companies data is to insert your Username, Password, and x-api-key into the workflow in the highlighted green area.

Participating JIP members may contact Mike for the necessary credentials.


Use Case 2: API Connector for DrillingInfo, Roddy Harwell

Roddy went into a second use case where API can also be used for DrillingInfo. This was a quick but informative demonstration, and we know many of you use DrillingInfo for your varied analyses regularly.

A clean workflow for this connection will also be published on this page in the near future so Keep A Lookout!


Alteryx Community Walk-through and Alteryx Updates

Finally, we rolled into Alteryx updates and a tour of the community. Many of you are new to Alteryx, so check out the walk-through provided. The community has different areas for data blogs, podcasts, online training, certifications, and user groups.

The community is fantastic and one of the reasons we are working so hard to be a bigger part of it with this Energy focused Alteryx Industry Users Group!


Take care, stay safe, and we hope to see you all in December for our next meeting.