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2nd Dublin User Group meet of 2020

17 - Castor
17 - Castor

Hi everyone,


I'm currently planning our next Dublin User Group meeting. We're looking at early May - final date and venue to be announced shortly.


I'd like to invite you all to submit your suggestions on what you'd like us to cover in our upcoming events. I have some ideas already, but would like to hear from you!


Please also PM me if you have any suggestions for speakers.


Finally, I hope you all still remember the Alteryx For Good challenge I set you at our last meeting around Open Data - we have the tools to publish it if you can find and clean the data with Alteryx! We're specifically looking for data that can help vulnerable communities within our society by making relevant data available to charities and non profits that use it to request funding for helping these communities. Please reach out to me if you want to find out more about what we're doing and more importantly, if you want to get involved!


Looking forward to seeing you at our next Dublin Alteryx User Group meeting!

8 - Asteroid

thanks david.

please advise time/location whenever suits.

best wishes.