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Udacity 30-Day Access (ADAPT)

6 - Meteoroid

Hi there! Already have an existing Udacity account (same email address as my Alteryx Community account) and have just completed Core Certification yesterday! Can I check how long it would take for Udacity to process my account to offer a 30-Day trial access? Would it come in the form of a voucher code upon enrolment? 

Alteryx Certified Partner

Hi @Jadyn_Tan ,


Well done for getting certified, that's awesome ! Did you enjoy the learning experience ?


About your question, I found this in the ADAPT FAQ :


Q: I joined ADAPT already Core Certified or I just got Core Certified. How do I get started in the Udacity Course?

A: At the end of every week, we will do a scan for all program members who got certified withing the week and grant them an allowance to enroll in the Udacity Predictive Analytics for Business Nanodegree. 


Note: Ensure your Community account uses the same email as you used to enroll in ADAPT or we might miss you!


In that email we distribute we will send you to a specific page on Udacity's site to acknowledge you are a member of the ADAPT program who has passed Core Certification and ask that you create a Udacity account using your program email. Udacity will process your account and grant 30 days of access to the nanodegree in 1-2 business days following account creation!




I think this might answer your question if I correctly understood.


Don't hesitate to ask or tell me if I am wrong.