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Summer Camp Session - Alteryx your core + career - Follow-Up Discussion Thread

Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner

Good morning summer campers!


I wanted to post a follow up to the session that I ran last week on ways that you can start to think about using Alteryx in your personal life to LEVEL UP and some of my favourite tips & tricks for the Core Certification.


Here are some ideas to Alteryx your life with data that is already out there or I'm sure you're already collecting:




And my top certification tips (in no particular order):

  1. Use the help pages (F1)
  2. Google, community, repeat
  3. Have the key documents already open (help, exam prep, sample workflows, blank workflows)
  4. Have a workflow open with a text input and one with two text inputs and joins
  5. Spend time checking the 3 point questions as these are crucial
  6. Don't spend too much time on questions (guess if spending too much time)
  7. There are no trick questions, but make sure your read carefully and test some in Alteryx
  8. Use a pad and paper to note down the questions that you want to come back if you have time to check

It would be fantastic to hear if any of the tips that I shared helped with your certification attempts and even better if you have any tips of your own for the community!


Here's a link to more in depth training session for the core cert that preceded mine: https://community.alteryx.com/t5/Discussions/Summer-Camp-Session-Getting-Core-Certified-Follow-Up-Di...


And here's a link to the core cert exam prep: https://community.alteryx.com/t5/Exam-Prep/tkb-p/exam-prep


My full slide deck is attached.



Joe Lipski - Alteryx ⒶⒸⒺ
Javelin Group