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Select Tool Drill

8 - Asteroid

Hi there,


Does anyone know where I find the Select Tool Drill (as suggested to complete on Day 5, Week 1 of ADAPT? I have searched, but can't locate it - is it an exercise?.....



5 - Atom

Try the following:

go to this site: https://community.alteryx.com/t5/Learning-Paths/Getting-Started-Learning-Path/ta-p/475117#done

on my computer this brings up a screen with a video and a large arrow titled 'resume'; click on resume

you should now see a list down the left hand side; click on 'select' in this list

this should bring up a page that has 3 boxes on the right hand side: 'interactive learning', 'tool mastery', and 'try it!'; click on 'try it!'

that should result in download of a file - click to save the file and then run the file in Alteryx Designer


It is also useful to go to 'help' in Designer and take a look at the 'sample workflows', so for example, look at the sample workflow for the Select Tool (under Help.Sample Workflows.Learn One Tool at a Time.Preparation.Sample); this will not be the same workflow as the one listed above, both will be useful.

8 - Asteroid
Ah! Thanks a million - I got a little side-tracked by the use of the word ‘drill’

They should have put a link in there as they did for all the other material!

Guess it’s still in it’s early stages....

Thanks again,


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