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Practice Exercise 1: Filter

6 - Meteoroid

Hi Community,


There is thunderstorm activity in Fort Lauderdale it's delaying Falcon 9 (60 satellites) launch in Cape Cañaveral. By the way hurricane season might be an active one.


Whilst, I'm having fun with practice exercise 1 Alteryx taught me to think outside the box by applying different workflow models expecting same results/outcome. Similar to hurricane forecasting models such as spaghetti, noodle, or European. Anyways...


When it comes to filter tool (Region contains South) is it better to apply at the beginning or at the end of the workflow? It depends on what else I might use data in the future?


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Hi @jvarelajr ,


About filters, it is a good thing to remove as early as possible every information you are not using. This will improve the performance of your workflow.


But if you think you may use the data filtered later, you can use a detour. I added an example workflow to let you play with a detour and look at what it is.