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How to become Volunteer and Alteryx for Good license

7 - Meteor

Hi Team,


I've received training in Alteryx Basic and Advanced level from a Alteryx training partner in Melbourne. Also, I've been using the Alteryx community and the tons of content that you guys have created to learn more.


I have also been learning analytics using online platforms. My concern is I have this knowledge but I'm unable to use alteryx for real projects since I don't have a license.

Q1: I would like to volunteer for Alteryx for good programs. How do I apply for to become Alteryx for Good volunteer? Will the non-profit company that will engage me provide me a limited period license for the tenure of my project engagement.

Q2: Is alteryx planning to release a limited license or limited features like Splunk


Hi @vinothdeva ,


Great Question.


Have you checked out our Alteryx for Good page on Community?  It sounds like you might be interested in CoLab  which is a is a volunteer network of Alteryx experts providing analytic expertise to nonprofits and educators.  I'd encourage you to check out the site and register if you are interested. If you have any specific questions you can contact the AFG team through the site.



Jess Silveri
Premium Support Advisor | Alteryx