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http calls through proxy from javascript

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We are building a custom tool for alteryx and noticed a strange thing.

When proxy is set up in windows as described here

HTTP calls from javascript are ignoring that setting and still go directly to requested endpoint.

Javascript calls are with jQuery like '$.get("")'

Can you confirm that built in javascript engine uses the same settings?


My easy way to reproduce is:

1. Set windows . proxy settings to non-existing proxy like ''

2. Open browser and make sure web requests stopped working - goto "" and get Proxy not responding error.

3. Open any tool that uses ajax requests to remote services from GUI
4. $.get('') still works from javascript that means it ignores proxy setting.



Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

Hi @antonsuslov - can you describe what you're trying to build where you're running into this issue? Are you building a tool using the HTML GUI SDK for the frontend? Thanks!

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Yes, it is a tool built with HTML GUI SDK for the frontend. 
Let's say it has 2 inputs for user credentials and after they are entered, we make http call to REST service located on the internet to read a list of items which are then populated to the tool's dropdown control.


It works when the REST service address is available from user machine without proxies but stops working when the address is available through corporate proxy only. Even if this proxy is configured in windows and domain name is available in other browsers.


Hi Anton,

Thank you for pointing out this issue.  We have verified your findings and can conclude that support for proxy settings does not work in our browser/renderer code.  As a result of this finding, we are actively developing a solution that should be available in the 2019.4 release.

6 - Meteoroid

Thanks William!