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Python SDK (1.0 V for now) applications reads directory and creates folders in

8 - Asteroid

We're currently on 2021.2 (several legacy DBs still need upgrading to 64bit ODBCs before we can upgrade our Alteryx Servers)


We are beginning to experiment with taking finished python applications/scripts from our Data Science departments and implement them as tools within Alteryx using the SDK capabilities in Alteryx. This shows great promise as our DSci teams develop products that have reaches far beyond their departments and with Ayx we have a way to productionalize them and put them in the hands of our Analysts and other employees.


One such python script is rather complicated series of functions and packages but is all built as a completed package, so theoretically setting the dependencies in the third-party text file and loading the main Exec script into the framework we should be able to put it together. 


But: the program is set to look for a directory where three files reside. Two for the actual work and a config file. Secondly the output is not files or data frames but rather three new folders with flat files written into them.

I have no idea if this is possible. Looking for assistance/guidance on how this can be included in Ayx. I've attached the Exec script in hopes this makes it clearer.