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Platform SDK UI defaultConfig not loading

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I'm trying out the new Platform SDK and I'm having trouble with the UI's default configuration. According to the docs in https://alteryx.github.io/react-comms/#/Designer%20Api/Usage you can setup the defaultConfig prop in the DesignerApi component for consistency on tool initialization. However, when I test my tool (both in Dev Harnes and in Designer) it is not until after I interact with the UI that the values for the UI components are set, before that it is as if they were non existent.


Before interacting with the UI:



After interacting with the UI:



This causes an error during initialization('Could not init plugin KeyError') if I try to access the config values in the backend without having interacted with the UI. It is not really a big deal since I can always interact with the UI without changing the default values and the tool updates correctly but I wonder if there's a way around this.


Any help would be appreciated!


P.S. Here is the snippet where I declare the defaultConfig.


const Tool = () => {

  return (
    <DesignerApi messages={{}} defaultConfig={{ Configuration: { numRecords: 0, doSort: false, orderType: 'desc', fieldSelect: ''  } }}>
        <App />