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Is there a development harness?


Thanks for the response @Ozzie 


Am I right that you still don't have the capability to have intellisense /code completion (since the import cannot find the engine definitions); or simulate / emulate engine events; or to script out all your test cases within the IDE?


The reason why I ask is that if the only way I can test a tool is by putting it in Alteryx Designer and running it - then I really can't test robustly.   I can't confirm that the right exception type is being raised; or whether I've introduced a regression defect into a complex use-case; etc.


the best possible outcome here would be a series of stubs / proxies which would allow us to simulate the behaviour of the engine within the IDE; give full code intelligence in-IDE; and allow for full TDD and automated testing.


Let me know if I've missed something @Ozzie  - I would be super happy if all this exists and is possible right now by switching to PyCharm.





That's correct. I know there some people internally who have made an effort to introduce those features in a separate repo but from what I hear it nowhere near ready to be open-sourced. Also can I ask if you tried using SnakePlane ( It's an open-source library that we created to make it easier to develop Python-sdk based tools. I'd give it a look and we would love accepting some feedback from someone like you. It's what we are using now to develop the code-free machine learning tools. Hope this helps.