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Developing Geospatial / Image Processing Tools in Alteryx

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I'm working in geospatial modeling / remote sensing out of Virginia Tech, and one of the biggest challenges is having to constantly shift between R / Python / Matlab / ArcMap and myriad specialized software for processing raster data and building models. I know Alteryx is more on the business analysis side of things (which is why I started using it), but was wondering if other people use it for scientific computing - and if anyone else has had success building tools that other people actually used.


I'd like to integrate all these processes, and the data blending and some of the predictive tools in Alteryx might be a good fit, especially if I can integrate R and Python. 


Basically, if anyone has any insights, and if you think it might be a worthwhile endeavor, let me know. 

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Hello @Ozzy_Campos 

Have you looked at the Python Help documents?

Under the Working With Spatial Data section towards the bottom would be a great place to start!


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Thanks, I'm sticking with just Python right now, but I'll probably look at seeing if I can consolidate some of this with the Python SDK.