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Detroit, MI

A networking group for Alteryx data artisans in The Great Lakes State.

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Mark Frisch, Marquee Crew

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Union tool - how do I figure out which connection is buggy / product idea.


Hi Friends,


Sorry if this is a double-post, I'm having a little website trouble.


I am taking in 30+ different tables into a Union tool.  I noticed that I have a problem with input line #3.  When I select the Union tool though, all lines are highlighted in Red.  It would be convenient if the particular row that I click on under the Manually Configure Fields table turned Blue or otherwise indicated the connection in question.  Does anybody know how I can quickly find table #3 for example?


Also, the numbers seem to be out of order in the Configuration panel, and they don't match the physical sequence of order that the tools appear on my screen.  Does anyone know why these are not in straight numerical order in the Union/Configuration tab?


Thank you,


Joe Kelly