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Q4 Recap

20 - Arcturus
20 - Arcturus

Hi Detroiters!


Here's a recap of our Q4 meeting for those who missed it:


  • What was covered
    • Bring your own problem(s)
    • Alteryx Connect
    • AFG:  Opioid Epidemic code-a-thon
    • AFG:  Let's get involved
    • Call for Detroit leadership signups
    • #Santalytics
    • The roads with snow

We missed many folks reserved for the event (30+ registered) where we were a heavenly group of seven.  If you registered but didn't attend, please do let us know if there was something that we could have improved upon or if it was just a combination of date/time, weather, vacations, hectic work that's good data too.  Our space was large and could work well for future meetings.  Perhaps in December a holiday mixer might have been a better plan.  We'll need your feedback to make 2018 better.


For those planning on going to inspire 2018 in Anaheim, now is the time to register and get discounts.  There is a call for speakers and you could possibly get a free ticket by being selected to tell your story at inspire.


Happy holidays to all



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8 - Asteroid

just weather for me.  hope to meet everyone at the next meeting!



5 - Atom

The weather was the only reason I did not attend. My manager even asked us to work from that day and stay off the roads.