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Q1 Meeting Recap

20 - Arcturus
20 - Arcturus



What terrific support and attendance we had.  For anyone who missed the meeting, it turns out that having a “Detroit” User Group meeting in Detroit gets more Detroit users to attend.  For our next meeting, we’ll set our Q2 meeting up in July and hopefully it will be at a Ford training room with the capacity for more attendees.  So while I watch the snow falling outside of my window, I’ll recap for those in attendance and give insights to what may have been missed.


  1. Meet & Greet:   Let’s shuffle the seats.  It seems like a mixer might be in order.
    1. Join the community!  You promised to do this!!!!!


  1. 11.0 Presentation:  Lot’s of ooh’s and aah’s.  Also some “is that new in v.11?” questions as we looked at some lesser-known functions that were part of previous releases.
    1. Find out more about v11
  2. Santalytics (Alteryx Community Challenges)
    1. We reviewed the challenge and showed you where to find more challenges.
  1. Building Macros
    1. 1st came a demonstration of an Application for Vehicle/Household Demographics
    2. 2nd came a macro creation – Input Macro
    3. 3rd came an enhancement to allow for record count parameters
    4. 4th came a filter enhancement to read only certain (audiovox) records
    5. Finally, the realization that macros are within the reach of most all of the group to create.
  2. Search community for more training and knowledge articles
  1. Roadmap for future user group meetings
    1. Quarterly
    2. 2:00 to 5:00
    3. Volunteers are needed
    4. Greater capacity for room to grow
  2. Alteryx for Good
    1. Please send Mark & Tatiana your interest in a project for us to contribute time & Alteryx to.
  3. GrandPrix
    1. We need 3 volunteers (Spatial, Predictive, Favorites) soon to enter the contest!
  4. Closing Remarks:
    1. We need you to join community and join our online user group
  2. Send me your feedback.  Where can we improve.
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