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Designer Cloud Issues - Working with Alteryx Customer Support Engineers


Designer Cloud Issues - Working with Customer Support Engineers (CSEs)

Providing the items in this article when requesting a case, will help give the CSE all the information that they need at the front end, and will reduce back and forth.


  • Alteryx Designer Cloud 

Basic Items

The CSE will need the following items from your environment.
  1. Browser (Firefox, Chrome, Edge, Safari)
  2. Your Designer Cloud URL
  3. Do you have a proxy in your environment?
  4. A HAR file replicating the issue

Follow-up Questions

The CSE will likely ask these following questions. Having the answers in the initial request will help prevent delays that could be caused by not having this information. They could also help resolve or work around your issue as well.
  • Does it work in another browser?
  • Does it work in Incognito mode?
  • Is anyone else in your organization or company having the same problem?
  • If it is a Workflow related issue, can you anonymize and send data for us to use to reproduce the issue?


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