Denver, CO

Use this group to build a community of Alteryx Users in the Denver, CO area. It is open to all who are already Alteryx users or want to explore the capabilities of Alteryx Advanced Analytics Platform. Ask questions, share ideas and best practices related to Alteryx analytics platform.

Denver User Group Leaders:

Alejandra Lyon, DCP Midstream Brenda Fosmire, Data Prep U Chris Sanders, Charles SchwabDarryl May, Kaiser Permanente

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Q2 Virtual Meeting Scheduled

8 - Asteroid

Hey everyone!


Our Denver user group is part of the North American North Central Region, and we have scheduled a virtual meeting for the region on May 8th. The planned content is Reporting Tools and APIs from leaders in Austin, Texas. You can see more and sign up here:


Hopefully all of you are staying safe and staying healthy!


Chris Sanders