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NEW LOOK! Community Portal =) ...and Internal Audit

10 - Fireball

Hi Everybody! 


Have you checked out the new look of the portal? I'm definitely loving it! Thoughts?

Can the community team add anything else that would make it even more awesome!?


Also.. Do we have any Internal Audit users in the area that I could connect with!? Let me know 😃


Have a great weekend!  


Alejandra Lyon



10 - Fireball

Hi alyon - I do not work on internal audit engagements exclusively, but I do have a fair amount of experience with internal audit in general. Were you still looking for someone to connect with on that?

10 - Fireball

Hi @joshbennett , 


Thanks for offering, we were actually looking for someone to present on this a while back. Are you on our Tax, Audit & Office of Finance Industry group? I think it would be great to have you join the team.