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Inspire '18 - Build 2.0 Open Track Submission: Scheduler Log Query App

6 - Meteoroid

As requested during the Q2 D-town user group meeting, here is the workflow me and my colleagues submitted at this years Hack-a-thon at Nashville.


OUR PERSONAL CHALLENGE: While we are waiting for server we needed to solve for how we can view error/warning logs from workflows that were scheduled on Virtual Machines (which are tied to certain individuals within the organization), especially if certain users were out of office.

WHAT WE BUILT: The analytical app will extract warning or error log results for scheduled workflows.  Users will be prompted for a date, message type and workflow name.

WHAT YOU NEED: Unzip the zip file to your Desktop to see an example of what it does. You may need to tweak the log directory so that it works for you. There are also setup steps needed in the 'PARENT_LOG.yxwz' workflow.


This has since been updated to fit in our business.

Now the output provides date/time specific breakdown and an output email to a specified internal alias showing a rendered table.

Hope you all find use in this.


6 - Meteoroid

I meant Inspire '19... such a n00b move.

10 - Fireball

Awesome! thank you for posting this and sharing it with the group. It was great meeting you!