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Can Alteryx output data to a particular cell/cells in Excel?

6 - Meteoroid

I am hoping to output data from Alteryx into a particular cell or cells in Excel.


We have specific journal entry templates in our Finance Dept to upload into SAP. Is there a tool that i am not aware of that will assist with this? I could have Alteryx export to a new tab in our workpaper and then use Sumifs to populate the entry but I would prefer to have Alteryx generate the entry onto our template.

5 - Atom
7 - Meteor

There are a few different ways you can do this.


Output to specific cells:


Or you can create a named range and output to there:



We use SAP as well and what I ended up doing was bringing the top 6 rows of the SAP journal entry template into Alteryx with an input tool, then, using a union tool, I set the Output Order to have the template first and the data below that. This will append your journal entry data below the first 6 rows of that template. Then I use a Dynamic Rename to remove the Alteryx designated column headers.








@offerdan you might find this video helpful as well: Parallel Block Until Done Alteryx Macro


It shows how to easily output data to first one tab and then another without errors about the file already being in use. 

Tonya Smith
Technical Product Manager, Engines