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2018Q3 UG Meeting at Alteryx Office 8/8

7 - Meteor

Save the Date!  Alteryx will be hosting us for our 3rd user group meeting of the year in their newly renovated office in Broomfield.

We are still putting together the agenda and would love some input/feedback. Please reach out to Chad, Alexandra or myself if you have something you would like to present or if there is a topic you’d like to see covered. Alexandra has offered to present part 2 of the “The Scientific Method” journey she started us on in the Q2 meeting. (and if you weren't able to make the Q2 meeting, don’t worry- we’ll get you caught up)


We’ll have a few ACEs at this one to answer those really tough questions and maybe provide new insights to the Alteryx platform.  Are you wondering “what is an ACE”? Join us and find out!

5 - Atom

Hi @DMM,


Looking forward to this event in August - will there be a formal registration as we get closer to the date?


Regarding topics - I'd love to see some training around the 'Transform' tools - especially the 'Arrange', 'Cross Tab', & 'Transpose' tools.




7 - Meteor

Thanks for the input, Cam! 


We have requested the ACEs touch on those topics, and have posted an official invite to Eventbrite:




See you there!

8 - Asteroid

Thanks for putting together the meeting! It was the first chance I had to attend a user group meeting, and appreciate the content. Will Alexandra be posting the flowchart that she presented during the meeting?

8 - Asteroid

Presentation included! Would love feedback as well if there are any suggestions or expansions :) 

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

@AliKat Your presentation was FANTASTIC! We were all still raving about it the rest of the week. Thank you for sharing with us, and such a well-deserved excellence award win!!

Tuvy Le
Manager, Community ACE Program
7 - Meteor

Also, big thanks to Jason Mack (JPMorgan & Chase) and Mike Treadwell (InterWorks) for taking the time to provide their insights to our questions!


For those who missed the Product Roadmap presentation by Katie Haralson (Sr. Product Manager at Alteryx), we unfortunately cannot get a copy of the slides she presented.  However, you can check the following links for high-level roadmap features, as well as the beta program:



Hi AliKat, Thanks for sending this out. I did a quick review of your presentation. Here is some feedback:


  1. Several of the acronyms that you used I was not familiar with. Maybe your target audience knows what ED, MEU and HER are defined as, but I had to look them up.
  2. On slide 11 you mention that using Alteryx to process messy mediation data and rapidly use that data was an area that worked. If the advantage of Alteryx is one of the subtle underlying impressions that you want to leave your audience with, to substantiate that conclusion further, if possible, it would be nice to show some anonymized examples of messy data and more about the problem that hospitals are facing acquiring, cleaning and integrating data from multiple hospitals into an analysis workflow. An example of what data looks like before/after and how long it took to do this type of data preparation both with and w/o Alteryx would be really beneficial to understanding the problem our hospitals are challenged with.
  3. Was there a randomized clinical trial done using a control group not receiving the new protocol and a treatment group receiving the new protocol and if so, how was that protocol administered. How were patients selected into the new protocol?
  4. For additional background, it might be nice to understand at a high-level how the new protocol is different than what is done already. For example, is there a reference available discussing the new protocol and summarizes it's important features.
  5. Starting at slide 12 and through slide 15, you discuss normal distributions, residuals and q-q- plots. I'm assuming that there is some narrative that accompanies this, but it wasn't clear why this was part of your slide set.
  6. This might be a little beyond the target audience, but since you have multiple groups, such as multiple hospitals or doctors, I was wondering if more advanced analysis was being done, such as ANOVA or linear mixed effects models, to account for multiple groups.
  7. Do you know if Alteryx is partnering with biostatisticians/epidemiologists in this effort? 
  8. Slide 10 took a little while for me to understand. Maybe add a label of Emergency Department, then just numbers 1..10 to Figure 2. The absolute changes would also be very interesting, showing the absolute drop (before/after) for each department with side-by-side columns. Basically, two columns for each department for before/after as absolute changes, not as percentages.
  9. In Figure 3 the upper right graph starts at June 2016 and goes to November 2016, which is pre-treatment, then there is a break and post-treatment starts at June 2017, which is a pretty long-break-period. I was just wondering why there was such a large break as it seemed like that should be continuous. Also, in October 2017 there is a significant reduction in both the use of alternatives and opioids. I was wondering if that was explainable and if that trend continued.

Fascinating work and so proud that Alteryx is part of this effort!!!


Regards --Roland