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Timeout error creating Tableau tde extract file


Hello, I'm working on a project to refresh a Tableau extract.  I've been getting a timeout error, even with the simplest project: 


Error: Output Data (18): Timeout- IPC_NamedPipe::Select(WaitForMultipleObjects)


Attached is selecting top 1 column from a MS SQL table writing file to my desktop.








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Sometimes, I found placing a Block Until Done tool prior to the Ooutput to a .tde file helps it work better. I believe this is because Alteryx and many tools in it are streaming tools, passing records as they work on them, while the .tde creating is not a streaming process.


Thanks for the reply.  I tried the block until done but still get the error.


I selected top 1 from sql and put it in a text file as well as an Alteryx db file.  Each took only a few seconds. 


If I try to create a Tableau extract from sql,   the text file, or the Alteryx file (each of which having 1 record) it still times out. 


It takes 30 seconds then the same error:  Error: Output Data (4): Timeout - IPC_NamedPipe::Select(WaitForMultipleObjects).


I have Tableau 10.1 installed.  Not sure if that affects it but it seems to be an issue with that specific file type.


Another thing that helps with writing .tde files is ensuring all your string data type fields are V_WString data types. This can be done with a Select tool prior to Output.