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Table gridlines using Render in PPT


Hi Alteryxians,


I have been trying to crack this one open but am failing to do so! Since I cannot share company data, I am using the sample charting workflow that comes packed with Alteryx.


I have a table that needs to go to a PPT. Simple? Let me add some complexity. I need gridlines for rows and columns.


You might say, this guy did not go through the training videos( I did ). Check out the 2 formats that I have spewing out. The table sitting in the PDF is what I want, but look at the PPT, it lacks the row grid lines.


Anyone burning the midnight oil on this?


Attached is the workflow.


P.S. off topic : Is it just me, or the labels on the right when you write a post, need some update? Like, I need to add a "Render" label to this post, but I cannot since its not available.





@dheerajpoojari - I am seeing the same missing row borders in the .pptx on my end. I'll get this over to the team to see if this is a known issue. Thanks for pointing this out!


In regards to your postscript: the appropriate label is available in the Publishing and Gallery forum, where I would recommend posting threads that relate to the reporting tool, such as this one, in the future. The labels are generally for tool categories. In this case, Render falls in our Reporting suite, so in the Publishing and Gallery forum you would be able to use the label "Reporting".





Sophia Fraticelli
Customer Support Engineer

An update on this: this way that Powerpoint files are rendered requires one additional step.


In the table tool, create a Row rule and set to Always. For the style, select Formula and enter:

"border: 1px solid black;"



Sophia Fraticelli
Customer Support Engineer

Hi Sophia,


Thanks for the solution , 

My requirement is to get only the bottom border in the table rows .

Can you please help me with this.




Swati Sharma

I got it how to get the bottom border .


" border-bottom: 1px solid black;"



Swati Sharma

This is perfect. Just what I needed. Seems there is still some documentation that I need to scrape through.


Thanks so much Sophia! 


A lame question to someone who might have helped build the application, but how did you get the answer? Was there some manual I did not read through? Hoping to do my full homework before reaching out for help.