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Read data from CSV file and split it into columns


I have to solve murder mystery. Input is in CSV file. So how can read data from CSV file and split it into different fields. I have attached file below:

Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner

Here's a quick take:


I used some regex formulas and parsed the data.

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Agree with @MarqueeCrew - this is definately one for Regex.


Now - regex tool was very confusing to me - I could never figure out the right way to configure them, or how to get what I wanted - and Mark was SUPER helpful.   Here's my top tips for this kind of situation you're trying to solve:

- Regex in alteryx has 4 modes in Alteryx.   If you want a specific piece of text out of a long string, use "Parse" mode.

- In parse mode - the piece you want is in round brackets.    

          - So if you have text aaaa123aaaa and you use a regex that looks like this a{1,}(\d*)a* it will put "123" into your column in the outbound string.  

          - If instead you want the first string of "a" characters then use the same regex but with a different piece in brackets: (a{1,})\d*a*

- Use   Incredible way to play with Regex strings and get to the string you want.   Simply superb


Good luck with your challenge - let us know if more help is needed.