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Predictive Modelling - Support needed

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Hi all,


I am quite new to Alteryx and need some help in building a suitable predictive model. 

My dataset has 1222 records (dataset included) In the data, my target variable is the Food Relief Amount in Column A. Other columns are predictor variables. Big question is to build a model that can predict the Food Relief Amount based on other predictor variables. 


I have tried using linear regression model but the accuracy point is quite low.


What other models should I use?

Any hep will be much appreciated. Thanks








Alteryx Community Team
Alteryx Community Team



You can try other models and use the model comparison tool (available on the Alteryx Analytics Gallery) to compare the effectiveness of the different models, see attached workflow example. Here i've tried Boosted model and Random Forest - neither appear to outperform linear regression.




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Thanks for your kind support. Is there any way I can transform my linear function to get a better result in Alteryx? Like using exponential or logarithmic relationships?

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Hey @Lucyyy 


I know it's been a while but maybe a few things that will help you. 


An example of log transformation


A feature scaler!app/FeatureScaler/5e342b880462d70decb5e915


Hope this helps! If it does please mark as solved so others can find it!

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