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Seeking opportunities to learn and contribute as an Intern

6 - Meteoroid


My name is Swagata Kundu. I am a graduate student currently pursuing masters in Business Analytics.With 4years of Analysis experience, my interest strongly lies in Behavioral Analytics. Finding and understanding consumer buying behavior, preferences, product affinity, product behavior and selling patterns by leveraging data and then applying targeted marketing, customer segmentation and predictive analytics is something I am always thrilled about.I have been introduced to Alteryx & Tableau during my Business Analyst Nanaodegree program through Udacity Inc. and it has been over a year now I have been using Alteryx for my projects and at work. Alteryx has really empowered me to turn actionable insights from information accurately and in less time and I am still learning and exploring it almost everyday.


I am looking for internships/jobs where I can utilize my expertise powered by Alteryx and Tableau to help businesses make more informed data driven decisions.


Please find attached my resume for your kind perusal.


Thank you for your time and consideration.



Swagata Kundu

6 - Meteoroid
Hi Swagata,

I don't know that it would technically qualify as an internship, but if you
are seeking opportunities to learn and contribute - then I think you should
consider joining us by volunteering your skills via Alteryx For Good
through our local San Diego Alteryx User Group.

We will be discussing some of the needs and opportunities associated with
that at the next User Group meeting on April 17.

Definitely something to keep in mind.


Mark Davis
6 - Meteoroid
Thank you so much Mark. Definitely I would like to join this group. Is this
group limited to San Diego or I can find something in Dallas-Forth Worth
area as well.

Please advise.

Swagata Kundu
12 - Quasar
12 - Quasar

Hi, @swagatakundu!  We have an Alteryx For Good Volunteer team in the Dallas Alteryx User Group that you are very welcome to join!  Please email me at dsanchez@teknionusa.com and I can send you more information, if you are interested.  It is a great way to learn Alteryx, and meet other Alteryx users as well as network!


Thank you, Mark, for sending out the recommendation for your San Diego AFG user group volunteers as well; we will be sure to forward any leads for that area to you also!  :)  I love San Diego, and the Alteryx Inspire conferences I have attended there were outstanding!