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Dallas-Ft. Worth, TX

Welcome to the Dallas-Ft. Worth Alteryx User Group! Please join us in sharing experiences, best practices, and knowledge.
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Save the Date for the next DFW Alteryx User Group Meeting, March 27th!

12 - Quasar
12 - Quasar

Hi, Dallas / Fort Worth Alteryx User Group Members!  With the recent developments surrounding COVID-19 and confirmed cases in the Dallas area, I have proposed to Alteryx that we have our meetings virtually for the next few months.  Alteryx is in full support of having virtual meetings during this time, and we are grateful for their encouragement and assistance.


Please save the date for the March DFW Alteryx User Group meeting, which will be Friday, March 27th, from 2:00 to 4:00 p.m.  The virtual meeting will be by hosted via Zoom or WebEx, and a link will be provided in order to join the meeting online.


As with the Alteryx Industry User Groups, which are all hosted virtually, we will have announcements, presenters, and room for Q&A from each attendee!  When you have time, please visit the Industry User Group page to see how the virtual meetings work; they are highly successful, and provide a wealth of information for members:


One of our members and recent presenter (and host of our October meeting) is Raghav Nargotra @rag-ryx , who is a leader of the Marketing Industry User Group!  I also co-lead our Public Sector User Group, and we have had excellent feedback for the virtual meetings, and great attendance.


A nice feature of the virtual meetings is that you can join as time permits, so if you have afternoon meetings and can only attend for an hour, virtual meetings allow you to come and go without factoring in drive time.  Another excellent feature is that the meetings are recorded, so you can watch the presentations later for detailed learning!


Please stay tuned for a listing of presenters and agenda for March 27th; if you are interested in presenting at a future virtual meeting, please reach out to me at ; we would be glad to feature you and your company!


Our company "host" for this upcoming meeting is Thomson Reuters; they had offered to host our onsite meeting for March, and we are grateful to them for their generosity.  With the change to virtual meetings, I still want to recognize Thomson Reuters for offering to host, so they are featured as our "host company" for this meeting!  🙂  For more information on Thomson Reuters, please visit their website at .


Please feel free to reach out to me or our leadership team at any time if you have any questions; I believe virtual meetings can be a way to keep the user group momentum going during this time, and a strong Alteryx community!  Thank you,


@Deanna and the Dallas Alteryx User Group Leadership Team


cc:  @CatherineM , @ChrisS , @LaurenU , @kaushbhaduri , @TuvyL