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Python Tool Challenge - Vote for your favorite tools - Dallas entry added!

12 - Quasar
12 - Quasar

Hi, Dallas Alteryx User Group Members!  One of our Dallas user group members, Jonathan Walder @jwalder , has entered the Python Tool Challenge - he has created a very cool tool called the Terminator using the new Python SDK capability in Alteryx 2018.2!


This tool can be very useful in many scenarios; for example, I could be waiting for files to populate in a directory, however, they arrive on a random basis, and don't come in on a regular schedule.  I may have a daily process that checks this directory to see if any (or a minimum number of) files have been uploaded, then run the process - with the Terminator tool, I can simply have it check to see if a minimum number of files have been loaded into the directory; if yes, then it kicks off the rest of my process.


The tool is also great for the opposite scenario; if you need the workflow just to stop processing due to a lack of things to process.  If the minimum is not met, then the output is never initialized and no down stream tools process.


When you have time, please check out the contest and Jonathan's entry at https://community.alteryx.com/t5/Dev-Space/Python-Tool-Challenge-BUILD-a-Python-tool-and-win-a-prize... .


If you like the tool, please star his post (and any other tools you like as well)!  The Terminator tool is available for download at the same post location.  You can even create your own tool and join the contest!