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College Programs?

8 - Asteroid

Good morning!  I work at Hilti, where some of us have been using Alteryx just a few years.  We are interested in partnering with students for internship work in SQL, Alteryx, and various data analytics topics. 

Are the universities in Texas doing much with Alteryx?

Thank you for any insights you have on this.

7 - Meteor
Good Morning,

I am a grad student at UNT. I already have a full time position at my
current employer. Would the work need to be done solely on site?
8 - Asteroid

I think that our vision right now would be during regular working hours, but I definitely will keep you in mind if that vision changes.  Were you exposed to Alteryx at any of the colleges you have attended?

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I also saw that one of the Usergroup meetings was held at UT Dallas in Richardson.  Perhaps someone has a contact there?

7 - Meteor

UNT is not teaching Alteryx in its Business Analytics program yet,
unfortunately. I have been doing self-study as a start with my academic

If your needs change, please keep me in mind. I'm definitely interested in
hands on application of the tool.
5 - Atom

There are many Analytics related club in UT Dallas which holds boot camp session for students but one I specifically knows which leads and welcomes partnering Alteryx, Tableau and SQL is "Intelligence Analytical Society - IAS" . They have hold Tableau user conference, Data science user conference and they pass Data camp license to their limited students every semester. Let me know if you need any help on this, I would be glad to connect you all to right people leading that club.

8 - Asteroid

Yes, if you could send the contact information my way, I would appreciate it.  Thank you!

5 - Atom

Professor Ravi Narayan (r.narayan@utdallas.edu), He is advisor of IAS club.

Srishty Kshirsagar (sxk180035@utdallas.edu), She is current president of club.

6 - Meteoroid


Good morning! I work at Texas A&M University - Commerce where we have Business Analytics program. I have sent you a detailed message regarding our University's Business Analytics students who would be interested in pursuing this opportunity. Let me know your thoughts on this.



Swagata Kundu

5 - Atom

I am a semi-recent graduate of the Geography Department at UNT and they have recently incorporated Alteryx into the curriculum. While the focus is on the spatial application, the emphasis is equally placed on methods and statistical analysis.


Drs. Chetan Tiwari and Murray Rice are both use and teach the program extensively and have been great contacts in the department.