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Coventry-Northampton, UK

Welcome to the Coventry-Northampton Alteryx User Group! Please join us in sharing experiences and knowledge.
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2019 Q1 - MongoDB - Meeting Recap

Thanks to all who attended today and was willing to give some new concepts a go. :) I hope you all found it worth while :)




First up I gave everyone an update from Alteryx and lots of the things which are going on at the moment including the new 2019.1 release. Watch out for the blog post. :) Yes Tim, Joe and I are starting a blog. Exciting times ahead.

20190215_112247.jpgOur Development within Alteryx Pledges for 2019

We then did our development within Alteryx pledge, were really honest about what we would like to learn and do this time next year.



Secondly we invited @ShaanM to tell us all about MongoDB and what we can get out of the database that might be useful. It was great that Shaan also went into the details of how the server inner workings work together, which for those doing the Advanced Certification :) Well worth recapping, as not a lot of people have enough exposure and find it difficult to answer these questions.



After Shaan we heard from Weekly Challenge Leader Joe Serpis @JosephSerpis and what life after Sainsbury's using Alteryx is all about. Its great to know we set up individuals to succeed. Thanks for sharing with us your new role Joe and how you are succeeding within Keyrus. 


Then came the fun, I opened up Alteryx and set up for the MOB CHALLENGE >>>>>> wow, it was amazing to see how people work and how they solve problems. I think it went really well, everyone got involved although it wasn't their first instincts and really enjoyed it and even asked for another one in the next meeting!!


Wow. Thank you all for getting involved and making this meeting great fun.

20190215_122355.jpgMOB CHALLENGE - watching and waiting and anticipating what will happen when I go up for a minute.20190215_122402.jpgMOB CHALLENGE - it had everyone interested. Challenges are a great way to assist in your development as well as learn everything there is to know about Alteryx.






















See you all in MAY for MACROS! Thanks to Joe, Iain and James for volunteering their examples. See you next time.


Thanks for sharing @samanthaj_hughes ! What a great idea to write down goals for 2019. I wish everyone the best and hope they achieve them! 


Macros! :)

(...just catching up)