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How to Configure the Input tool to Import the data from .flat file

8 - Asteroid


Hi all,


I have a text file with the extension '.flat'.  I tried multiple ways in configuring the Input tool. But, no luck. All the time, I'm getting an error as the  "Missing root element 'flatfile' "


I'm unable to attach the  .flat file here as it is not allowing me to attach. Can anyone please help in configuring the Input toool to import the data from .flat file. 




Awaiting your responses.


Thank you.



Sreenivasa Teja.


7 - Meteor

Hi Sreenivasa

I don't have a solution for reading in the .flat file in the input tool, but have you tried simply changing the file extension from .flat to .txt in the windows file browser before inputting into Alteryx input tool.


I don't know if this will work at all, but have success i similar cases before. 


Best regards

9 - Comet

Hi Sreenivasa,


try this configuration (you can see the test file I used as well).



Best regards




7 - Meteor

Hi Sreenivasa,


First I will comment and say that both of the previous solutions might work for you, but that depends on how your file looks.


My question to you is therefore, what does your file look like?

Is it build up as a csv-file, with columns separated with a delimiter? What is the delimiter?

How was your file created? Was it exported from a database or maybe som other software?

Are you able to post a part of the file, so we can see how it looks? That would be the best way for us to help you.


You might want to download notepad++ and open your file there.