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Copenhagen, DK

Welcome to the Alteryx Copenhagen, DK User Group! Please join us in sharing experiences and knowledge.

Copenhagen, DK User Group Leaders:

Daniel Brun, Inviso

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Has the Alteryx Copenhagen DK User Group died?

Alteryx Certified Partner

When I look, it seems that the last user group meeting was back in 2017!


There must still be plenty of Alteryx users out there, and since then, new versions has been releases, and there was also an Inspire conference.


Wouldn't it be an idea to kick-start this user group, with a spring meeting?




Excellent comment, I'll second this idea!

Yes, Great idea


Venlig hilsen

Rune Palm
Data- og systemkonsulent
Datadrevet Forretningsudvikling

Gladsaxe Kommune
Rådhus Allé 7
2860 Søborg
Telefon: 3957 5059
Mobil: 2121 0708

Beskyttelse af dine personlige oplysninger er vigtig for Gladsaxe Kommune. Her kan du se, hvordan vi behandler dine personoplysninger og læse mere om dine rettigheder.

Hi all, I am so happy to see this post. Actually @danielbrun and I have been talking about setting up a meeting for not only Q1 but for the entire year. This would require finding meeting locations and topics to cover for these sessions.


We definitely need help accomplishing this feat, would anyone have suggestions on topics to cover or would they been interested in helping to coordinate meetings? I would love to include you on our planning call. 

Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner

Hi all,


I have great news - I am heading the Copenhagen Alteryx User group and have promised Alteryx to have 4 meeting (1. pr. quarter) this year.


Please let me know if you want to contribute both in terms of speaking and/or planning.


Best regards,


Alteryx Certified Partner

Hi @danielbrun 


I do not mind helping in the planning, and I might even find something to speak off.

Perhaps my enthusiasm in doing the weekly challenges, which your follow ACE @NicoleJohnson really got ignited on her session on Weekly Challenges at Inpire in London last year. 


So all though working actively with Alteryx is rather new to me, I do not mind sharing how I attack the weekly challenges, and how I seek information on solving them with others. Perhaps we could do the current weekly challenge in plenum as well.


Otherwise I think a session on what is new in 2018.x since I would assume a lot of new stuff has been put into the Designer during the last year.


Best regards



Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner
Hi Thomas,

That sounds great - I think the last couple of days show that we
definitely have to reignite the Copenhagen AYX User Group.

I think weekly challenges is a good idea as a topic. I will reach out as
soon as we got something planned.

Best regards,