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Copenhagen, DK

Welcome to the Alteryx Copenhagen, DK User Group! Please join us in sharing experiences and knowledge.

Copenhagen, DK User Group Leaders:

Daniel Brun, Inviso

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10 highlights from Inspire Europe 2016


This week I was at the Inspire conference in London. There were so many highlights, but here are my top 10!


  1. It was impressive how many senior executives from Alteryx were there and how available they were to talk to their customers.
  2. Their emphasis on the community and willingness to listen to their customers, as well as play an active role in helping the user-groups to grow
  3. Grand Prix - amazing to see how a very geeky activity was turned in to a sport. Loved how the "drivers" were given nicknames like "drag-and-drop" :-)
  4. I had quite a few "a-ha" moments and am ready to progress faster now I'm back from the conference (not terrifed of predictive tools any more! and can't wait to explore the gallery)
  5. The keynotes were AMAZING! From hearing about the product, to the community, to how to avoid being a "bull****ter". The interaction between George Mathew and Nick Jewell was also a highlight :-)
  6. "Alteryx for good" - truly inspirational
  7. Predictive Analytics For Business Nanodegree (using Alteryx) available soon on Udacity
  8. Networking (of course)
  9. Great presentations and training.
  10. Denmark has it's very first Alteryx Ace - Daniel Brun from Inviso :-)


Save the date:  12 – 13 September 2017 at Tobacco Dock in London.





Wow looks like I missed out this year! I hope to be able to attend next years!