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Write data into an existing table in Oracle using Output Tool


I have some data I get from Excel form that I clean.  I want to insert this into an Oracle table that is already created.  I would like to delete any records from the table that fall on a certain date and match a certain ID.  After this I want to insert all the data that I cleaned in my flow into the database.  Why is this so difficult to find any documentation on this?  Is Alteryx trying to hide this from customers?

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Hi @RyanDonovanNG 


Oracle documentation is here:

Output Tool documentation is here:


What have you attempted so far and where exactly are you running into issues?


I'm not an expert on Oracle but here are a couple of ideas:


1) To send the instruction to the database to delete records based on certain conditions, I think you could explore using the Dynamic Input tool

2) To insert the data into your database you can simply use the Output tool


There's a huge amount of extra information available on the Community and in the documentation.


I have used a batch macro to send the conditions I want to delete on.  I also put the original data set through the Batch Macro with no processing so I know the deletes happen first.  I then send this original data into output tool to be appended to Oracle Table.  I have gotten this to work with Strings only.  It seems to freeze now when I have mixed Oracle Datatypes (Date,Number, varchar, etc).  I think it is doing this because of datatypes because I only want to insert 60 records in my testing.


Data Types Solved by messing around and reading following post:


You can currently map field names to alteryx variables.  Would there be plans in the future to have a table that shows the DataType Mapping where you can select so Alteryx Variables match Databases datatypes?