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Where to Post New Solutions?

Hi There!


I depend on the Community heavily (it's awesome!) and it has been an invaluable resource for learning Alteryx -- but now I'm at a point where I've learned enough to 'give back' by offering some new ways of using Alteryx that I haven't seen in the Community. 

So my question is a basic one... where should I post new solutions for things? They aren't really use cases because they aren't tied to an industry, but they aren't questions, so they shouldn't really go where I've been asking a slew of questions.


Thanks in advance :-)

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi @myastarling!


We're happy to hear you've found the the community so useful -- and are excited to see what tricks you have up your sleeve!


You can always share your solutions in the appropriate discussion area as a first step. Our discussion boards aren't only for asking questions, and it's perfectly appropriate to share what you've discovered along the way.  Another option, if you're interested, is to work with our content team to publish a blog or knowledge base article -- perhaps Engine Works might be a good fit?!  We're always looking for guest contributors, and you can contact us directly to discuss next steps.


Another thing to keep in mind, if you're not quite ready to dive head first into writing a whole blog or KB article, is that we do leverage discussions to create articles -- so if you do post on the forums, it doesn't mean you can't also contribute to other types of content on the same or similar subjects in the future 😉


Thanks for the great question! Let us know if we can help with anything else!



Leah Knowles
Manager, Global Community Engagement

Thanks, Leah -- I posted my first How-To in the Designer discussions :-)