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Get to know your fellow analytics buffs and discuss a wide range of non-product related topics!
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Welcome to New Members


thanks for the note.. welcome to all 

Thank you for the welcome @lordneillord ! It was an enriching experience and we hope to have many more such experiences through the year!


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Alteryx Certified Partner
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Hello @LordNeilLord, happy Friday.


Thanks for the shout out and have a great weekend. Excited to add more to the community in the near future.




Tyler Garrett

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Hi everyone!


I am very new to Alteryx and have a question on something.


Where do I find the "AddressData.yxdb" file and the path \Alteryx\Samples\en\SampleData\AddressData? (Without this, I am unable to go through the "Tutorial01: Viewing Data," and follow along.)


Would you please assist me here, at your convenience?


Thank you very much.


- Dave Chandra


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Hey @dchandra


Try in here: C:\Program Files\Alteryx\Samples\en\SampleData



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Data Lover


Hello @LordNeilLord!


Got it - thank you very much! I will need to go through these tutorials, one-by-one, to figure out everything.


I will certainly ask if I have further questions.


Take care.



- Dave Chandra