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Using Alteryx in External Audit



Hello Alteryx Community!


I’m an Assurance Associate at an audit firm, working in the UK. I’m looking for ideas/examples of how you could use Alteryx in an external audit context to make certain tests quicker and more efficient.


A few of my colleagues and I have started implementing it for simple tasks, such as filtering transactional data for certain GL codes to generate listings, and formatting, data cleansing and unioning system-generated reports for consistency. Our Data team also uses Alteryx in Journals testing, using a join on the opening and closing TB to search for new GL codes. It then performs a completeness check by summing all the debits and credits from the transactional data to reconcile them to the closing TB.


I’ve seen a couple of great examples in the Alteryx Use Cases section of the site. @IK123  has built a workflow to automate reconciliations by using optical character recognition (OCR) on reports and documents, which can be used for bank recs (see ‘KPMG Netherlands is Digitizing Auditing with Alteryx’ post). There’s a cool workflow from @cgoodman3  which also uses OCR to search over 1,000 documents downloaded from Companies House for a specific search criteria (see ‘Automatically Download PDF Documents from UK Companies House’ post).


I’d love to hear from anyone working in external audit who has managed to implement Alteryx in their testing.






Hey @pengland17,


Great to hear of your Alteryx journey so far! I also work in a team that supports external audit and would be interested in any suggestions that people have.


Happy Alteryxing


Hi, there,


same in PwC - we started using Alteryx in external audit procedures this season. So far it's been mainly used to cleanse messy chronologies and use Union tool to forge them together. 


I've used it in Risk Assurance as well - here's a workflow for JET (Journal Entry Testing):


jet.PNGJET Testing Workflow