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**Thursday Thought ** Server.NEXT


Hey there, it’s the Product Team at Alteryx! Did you hear @russell_christopher, Senior Director of Product Management, talk about Server.Next at Inspire this year?


We’d love to know what excites you the MOST when it comes to Server.Next? Below is a small sample list of features (don’t worry if you don’t see something, this is just a sample). Which one will make the most impact if your team had Server.Next today?


  1. Sites: A collection of users, groups, and assets that provides complete data segregation for an organization.  While a user may be a member of multiple sites, assets are never shared between sites.
  2. Virtual File System: Able to save workflows and apps on in the system and also share those folders with groups or individuals
  3. Custom Roles and Permissions: The ability to customize roles and permission for groups or individuals
  4. Enhanced Search Capabilities: Easily search for assets, data, and apps across the site.
  5. Share Workflows and Apps
  6. Modern Tech Stack: PostgreSQL, not Mongo
  7. Metadata Loaders and Data Cataloging: Unified and user friendly way to extract metadata from a data sources
  8. Designer Integration: Seamless transition from Server.Next to Designer (i.e. Take a workflow from Server.Next and use it in designer with 1 click)
  9. User Management: Easily manage users on a site through a comprehensive user interface.
  10. Public/remote API access


Thank you!

I'm excited for #6 - moving to PostgreSQL!!! Can't wait


Bringing the powerful features from various Alteryx products into Server.NEXT is a massive step forward!
Modern tech stack and search & collaboration features known from Alteryx Connect sound really exciting.


@JordanB & @DavidM , @Michal what is your opinion?


I agree with @patrick_digan  - moving to a relational data store is the biggest piece for us from this list - also hoping for strong SDLC support; unified version repository across dev/uat/prod; and canvas-level-dependency management for shared assets in later versions.


Thanks @patrick_digan - we are pretty excited for that as well! 


@SeanAdams- Thank you. I appreciate your insight, it is always valuable. 

Alteryx Partner


Alteryx Partner

Well something not in the list may be #mobile usability...

Everything goes mobile but we cannot consume anything in Alteryx on mobile...


From simple to complex

  1. May be wise to transform Alteryx gallery into mobile-friendly
  2. Every gallery app to be easily embedded to a web or mobile platform (copy/paste iframes)