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Thank you, and goodbye (for now)


Best of luck, Alex! You are one impressive dude. I knew that early on. We (and Matt D) were in boot camp together 4 years ago and man did you hit the ground running in Support. It was always a pleasure working with you and saying "hey" when I came to Broomfield. Take care, Alex!

Dan Chapman
Program Manager, Customer Support
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Director, Customer Enablement
Director, Customer Enablement

Alex rode into Alteryx and right into our hearts! Good luck @AlexKo_



Thanks for sharing those pics and for all the help you gave me. The only bit of advice I can give you is to try to have some fun on your job or during your adventures, man! Working for Alteryx looked sooooo boooring! I noticed you even had to take a snooze under your desk! If you are able to find any more passion than Alteryx gives us, please call me directly because I want to buy some! You are a special dude with rap skills, too.

Best wishes,

Ken Black
General Motors, Roswell, GA