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Prerequisite for Alteryx in UDACITY


Prerequisite for Alteryx in UDACITY Algebra, Descriptive Statistics, Excel.Is there any course or recommended site to learn all prerequisite mentioned

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

Hi @saudhasan,

Most of the content needed for the Nanodegree is provided in the coursework.  Essentially, it's important to understand how to use spreadsheets (either Google Sheets or Excel), but there are examples in all the exercises.  Regarding Descriptive Statistics, you really need to understand concepts such as mean, median, min, max, etc. As far as Algebra is concerned, understanding equations and variables is essential.  We don't have specific course recommendations for the Udacity program, but you can check out the Data Foundations course offered by Udacity: 


You can view the Nanodegree courses at the following links:


  1. Problem Solving with Advanced Analytics


  1. Creating an Analytical Dataset


  1. Classification Models


  1. A/B Testing for Business Analysts


  1. Time Series Forecasting


  1. Segmentation and Clustering


Patrick-I am about one month into the Nanodegree program at Udacity.  I am currently using the forums, my mentor, github and this community, however I am self taught and the progress is slow.  I called Alteryx this morning and asked if there were any known tutors in this area (Beaverton, Oregon, near the NIKE world headquarters) and she said to start here in this community and ask around.  How would I find someone in this area that would be willing to meet at a public library or business conference room once a week to tutor me?  I would be willing to pay this person and I think it may help to speed up my progress in this course and understand and use more of the software.  Thanks Lisa

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

Hi @rmforcreamlisa,

I would recommend reaching out to @BobBlackey - Bob lives (or used to) live in the Portland area and was an Alteryx trainer in the past.


Hopefully, that helps.


Great.  Thanks I will.