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Get to know your fellow analytics buffs and discuss a wide range of topics!

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Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner
I like your alteryx enthusiasm. Now for the Woodland Hills test: what is your opinion of brothers sushi?
Alteryx ACE & Top Community Contributor

Chaos reigns within. Repent, reflect and reboot. Order shall return.

Since I live on the west side I don't venture much into town and haven't had the opportunity to sample the menu.




Still trying to learn what I can since working with data is all new to me.

Thank you,


Hi Community


I'm Igor, part of the CommSec Alteryx crew :). I work in Risk Management and loving the access that Alteryx provides to our data. My expertise is in Financial Product Risk and Quantitative Analysis, but definitely a novice in my SQL and Alteryx skills.


Looking forward to learning from and sharing with all of you.




Hi everyone!


Fun to read through these comments and learn more about the wonderful folks I met at Inspire this year.

I'm a Senior IT Trainer (leading the data analysis branch of our practice) at a top management consulting firm, so I teach consultants how to play with their data in Alteryx (clients too!), and also in Tableau. I developed all of the training we are currently using in Alteryx, and became a subject matter expert very quickly when my firm adopted Alteryx in 2015. Currently working on widening adoption of the program internally.

Love all things data, and love geeking out with like minded folk over solutions.

Aside from that, I am a mother to 3 zany and wonderful children, a wife to an entrepreneur, an educator about making cleaner and greener life choices, and a triple-threat performer (sing-act-dance). I also make some great gluten-free baked goods if you're ever looking for recipes for those.

Warm regards,


Hi All,


I'm Jon, part of the CommSec Alteryx crew working in the Business Intelligence team.


I have been using Alteryx for more than 12 months now in a previous role and absolutely love how helpful this community is. There have been many times where I have been stuck and had a post on here help me figure out the problem, thank you all for your post and assistance already.


Hi everyone


I'm Andrew, I work for Comair, who operate both South Africa's best-estest and funnest airline,, and British Airways in South and Southern Africa. I'm brand new to Alteryx (with one question already that needs answering :-) as we're transitioning away from SSIS and SSRS towards Alteryx and Tableau.


I look forward to growing in my career by moving away from ETLs, having done it for six-plus years already, and moving towards the analytics and predictive side of things, to help our internal clients understand and see data in new ways, and think differently than they have in the past about data and the questions that they didn't even know that they didn't know that they could ask.


It was really great attending Alteryx London 2017, I learnt a whole bunch and met some rather amazing and interesting people.


In my free time I enjoy PC gaming - both old and new, - hardware, reverse engineering and disassembly, learning more about history, geography, science, physics and maths, and I love a good game of cricket and rugby. Oh, and I guess sleep needs to fit in there somewhere too, right? :-)


Thank you,



Hi All,


I'm new to Alteryx, but already a big fan! My background is mostly in analytics and reporting in terms of creating and automating reports & dashboards to building simulation & optimization models.


As I learn more, I see cool ways to apply the tools and other goodies. Most of them seem straightforward and I started to take advantage of this site which is very useful especially when you have the ability to see good examples and files in the Weekly Challenge.


Hi Guys,


I am an Information Management Developer in the Analytics & Information space and recently started working with Alteryx. The tool has been great to work with and looking forward to learning new things as part of the community.




Hi Everyone!


My name is Josh and I've been using Alteryx for about a year now. I'm so excited to get involved in the community. In just my first day I've found so many fun questions to investigate and the weekly challenges are phenomenal.


I look forward to collaborating with all of you!