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Get to know your fellow analytics buffs and discuss a wide range of topics!

Introduce Yourself


thank you so much and anything else you might think of; please send it my way :D


Community Manager
Community Manager

Welcome @cf7168!  In addition to the resources @MarqueeCrew pointed out, I would recommend going straight to the Live Training area within the Community and even checking out the Weekly challenges.  Here is a link to the weekly challenge index:  It's nice to be able to pick and choose what challenges to start based on your experience level :-)


As you embark on your journey, please feel free to ask any questions about Alteryx within our Discussion Boards:  Everyone is more than willing to help!


I included links to a few other conversations that you may find useful and/or interesting:

Leah Knowles
Manager, Global Community Engagement

Alteryx Certified Partner

Hi Chris, and welcome to your Alteryx journey!

As the other Alteryxers (word) have pointed out there are loads of online resources, and the weekly challenge section is a great way to expand your skills once you have the basics.

If you're in the UK, I also do webinars for new starters and I carry out monthly workshops for free (I'm not even cheap). Currently these are introductory to intermediate workshops but I'll be expanding into more advanced topics soon. Feel free to drop me a message if this interests you or if you need any help with anything. 

Everyone on here is incredibly helpful, so any questions you have feel free to ask and my fellow Alteryxers and I will get back to you.



Hello Alteryx Community!


My name is Drew Craft and I work for Schnuck Markets, Inc. - a grocery & pharmacy retailer in the mid-west. I have been using Alteryx for about 2 months and am already impressed by its capabilities. I look to move much of our SQL to Excel modeling and replace it with Alteryx workflows, and hope to learn some predictive analytics as well. I just attended Inspire 2017 in Las Vegas and am thrilled to learn more!



Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner

Hi @dcraft

We are here to support and help you in this learning path...

Don´t hesitate to contact if you need guidance or help...

Welcome to Alteryx's World!

Alteryx Partner

Hello Alteryx community!


I am Marcus, Trainee Consulting Analyst at The Information Lab and also one of the newest Data School joiners in their sixth cohort.


Hoping to use the community to learn lots about Alteryx and to take part in user groups in London and surrounding areas.


Hello everyone in Alteryx Community!


My name is Danny and I am from Sydney, Australia working in the analytics team for Commonwealth Bank of Australia.

I have a Software Engineering and Commerce degree and have been working with data for 10 years.


Our team has just embarked on the Alteryx journey and I am really excited to have Alteryx .


Professionally I have a background in SQL, SAS and Teradata. I also have been developing dashboards using Tableau, and Angoss to build predictive models for our campaign work, plus a lot of Excel report creation and data extracts and some VBA coded reporting 


I'm looking forward to doing so much more with Alteryx and ramp up our data wrangling capabilities in the team. Looking forward to working with the rest of the Alteryx community.






Hi Everyone 


I am Sharad Joshi, Business Intelligence Analyst by profession 

I work for a bank in Sydney, Australia, their stock-broking division to be more precise. Tableau is my go to tool for analytics along with SQL.

New to Alteryx but familiar with DBMS concepts.

Looking forward to learning Alteryx and contributing to this great community.






Kudos for jumping on!  Great intro


Hi All --


My name is Seth Moskowitz and I work for the Interpublic Group. We are a holding company for advertising agencies. I report to IT, but my day-to-day is working for our corporate tax department (are you all still awake?).


We got our Alteryx licenses about a month ago, and I have already been able to do some amazing things with this tool -- and I am nowhere near the skill level of many of you.  Many of you so far have been helpful and wonderful, and I can't wait to become more proficient so I can start returning the favor.