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I bet Alteryx is very useful for your role!  I was working at a regional bank on temporary assignment many years ago and noticed that we were being charged sales on shipping and handling when we bought laptops for our investment advisors in each branch.  The bank recouped $45,000 from just one state.   However, I had to go to the filing cabinet and pull out each invoice and make a spreadsheet to locate each invoice with the mistake. I hope you have fun! 


Hello @WillTravelForData,


Nice to meet you!


I bet you Alteryx is the correct tool for you to help you save time and money for the bank; as spreadsheets that you are describing are probably take you a lot of time to pull out!


In my place of employment (Pricewaterhouse Coopers), where I work now as a tax accountant / tax specialist, Alteryx is heavily relied upon to save approximately 5 million hours a year, and lots of money in pulling out and correcting tax returns for our many clients, as there are mistakes in what is recorded on many tax forms of the IRS due to many causes - for e.g., human errors or issues with the computer softwares, etc. It can be very tedious to search millions tax forms, each month, and find out whether there are problems with the information filled out manually, so Alteryx helps us cut so much time and aggravation.


Good luck to you in your journey to this wonderful tool, my friend!







Hello @jamesthomas,


Good day to you!


I'm with Pricewaterhouse Coopers and a couple members of my team, here in Tampa, use Alteryx to help the large teams save lots of time and money with finding clients tax returns with errors. Our aim is to save 5 million hours in time and about $15 million dollars in client costs, per year!


I find Excel is good for calculations and graphs and finding values in big tables, via the Vlookup and Hlookup functions, but Alteryx is a good "middleman tool" between Excel, Access and about 30 other softwares' data tables (which can be input), and output data in many forms! As I'm proficient in Excel, Access and other computer programming languages (from when I used to do programming), Alteryx is just another tool that I felt was worth my time learning and getting my feet wet with over time!


All the best to you!





Hello @dchandra and everyone,


My name is June. I am a CPA currently working for a public accounting firm. I completed my core certification last month and am working on advanced level, which is very challenging. I started learning Alteryx when I joined my current firm a few month ago. Data becomes an important skill set that professional accountants must have today. That's why I am here. Hope to learn a lot from you. 


Thank you,





Hello June!


Like you, I am an accountant, even though not a CPA -I do need to pursue that, but I am holding off a couple of years, until PwC is willing to cover a majority of the exam fees, expenses relating to study material and registration fees. I have a question for you (as a CPA):


Is it better to sit for the CPA exam soon after you get your degree in accounting or finance? (I hear the earlier, the better off you are and the more likely you are to pass the exam.)


Anyhow, you are absolutely correct in saying that data is extremely important for us accountants, and visuals help people in the profession analyze and draw valid conclusions from data.


I find Alteryx useful in the sense that it can deal with data tables, that are much larger than Excel or Access, and work with it in very creative ways. Alteryx is just some data analytics program which is like the middleman between Excel and Access, and is extremely powerful!


Congratulations on passing the Core Exam and best of luck to you!


My very best,


- Dave Chandra


I took the exam the year after I graduated and would recommend taking sooner rather than later.  You may not use much of the material on the exam in your daily job duties.  You will start forgetting the material you learned in college as it gets replaced with details from your daily work.  I made the CPA exam the second priority after work. I paid for review course and a boot camp the week before the exam out of my own funds.   I studied every night and took practice tests often.  I only left the house to get in some exercise and fresh air.  About a month before the exams, I knew the material so well that I was almost bored and just anxious to sit for the exam to see how I would do.  I passed all four sections on my first sitting.    If you can devote the time, I would start studying now so you can get CPA exams behind you.  It is a valuable credential and will serve you well for decades both professionally and financially.  Alteryx and Tableau may be hot skill set for 10-15 years but popular software usually gets replaced eventually.  I really like Alteryx and hope to use it a lot in the next decade.  However, the CPA license likely is more valuable in the long run.


Good morning/evening Ramana and hello all!


Nice to meet you all!


I love playing with data too! Is anyone familiar with MS Access and MS Excel by any chance? I may have questions for you on certain features of these two MS Office programs in the future, especially with MS Access, which I self-taught.


You mentioned that you need help with learning Alteryx material in your posting; attached, please find some very useful notes that helped me pass the Core Exam after a few tries.


I can assist you in any way you need, whenever I have free moments in time!


Take care and talk soon!




Very best,

- Dave Chandra


Hi @dchandra, 


I believe the firm will pay for the CPA exam review courses and reimburse exam expenses. I asked my colleagues (I am in the SF/Bay Area Office).


If you are determined to be a CPA, please take the exams ASAP. I don't think it is possible to take them during busy season, so you may need to plan them in advance. If you have any questions, please feel free to send me a private message. 


Good luck with your data and your CPA exams. I am sure you will do just fine.



Hello Alteryx Community,


My name is Mark Gomes and I work @ CIBC, Toronto, Canada as a Sr.Consultant in the Data and Technology Management department under the Finance umbrella.  


Alteryx is the bank's approved BI analytical tool and we have started working on some POC's to understand the functionality of Alteryx from a self serve perspective.


We are really impressed with Alteryx to design workflows using the variety of tools, connecting, blending, prepping data and automating processes which took a lot of time using Excel.


Love the tool and will continue to explore more opportunities.






Hi Mark!


Welcome to the Alteryx Community!


I used to visit Toronto all the time when I was living in Rochester, New York, USA! I lived there for exactly 7 years, before I moved to Florida (West Palm Beach area, followed by Tampa - where I am now), and, after living in New Jersey for fourteen years! I loved Rochester, New York, except for 6 months of winter (November until April, inclusive). What a small world.


Like you, I love Alteryx and everything one can do with it to shave off time and expenses for my employer. It took me a bit to get through certification but I did with the Core Exam and will pursue the other two, hopefully (time-permitting), in the near future.


Good luck with it and please let me know if you need help with it - I know a fair amount.