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Introduce Yourself


Hi @pengland17@FutureShorter33, and everyone,


It is nice to meet you. I do tax consulting too. I have built many Alteryx workflows for work, which helped me (and my team) save a lot of hours. I am also learning SQL and Python. I am so grateful that we are working for a company that promotes digital upskilling 


All the best and welcome!









Hi Julie,


Thanks for this thread.


I am Ravi, working as a BA with a keen interest in solving complex business and social problems using data and analytics. Recently met alteryx, looking forward to learn, grow and contribute.


Eager to implement ETL using Alteryx:)


PS: First post here on the community, getting used to the flow. Appreciate any tips.





Alteryx Partner



Hello Alteryx Community!


I am Jason, a Senior Financial Analyst at Sprint. With a background in computer science and mathematics, I love how intuitive the interface of Alteryx is. The setup of most tools is also simple to figure out, and with many of them, just playing around can lead to learning that tool.


Having not come from a financial background, I faced some hurtles in my current position. Alteryx has helped by letting me automate the mundane tasks I have, and letting me focus on the data. I love having access to this tool! It is loads of fun to use!


Hi Jason,


Welcome to the Community, I am glad you are loving the platform!


My name is Chris Shernaman and I am Alteryx's User Group program lead for our Industry& Departmental User Groups. If you'd be interested in connecting with others, hearing use cases around Tax, Audit + Office of Finance, sharing experiences please join and subscribe to our User Group page. Once subscribed, you can stay updated on upcoming meetings & topics of discussions.




Chris Shernaman

User Group Programs | Industry & Departmental, Internal, APAC

Alteryx Community



Hi All,


Not really a new member, I practically live here but a first time poster so hi.

I'm using Alteryx all day every day as the primary tool for data analysis and well pretty much everything.

I'm using it in all sorts of weird and wonderful ways and I love the flexibility and power to solve real life business problems.

I'm off to inspire Europe soon, very much looking forward to it, do come and say hi if you are going too.

I'll be the one with the name badge that says my name, hopefully there won't be too many of us to be confusing!






Hi all!


I started using Alteryx around 6 years ago and still love using it.  A different project has prevented me from using it very much over the last few years, but I am picking it up again and looking forward to it.


Heading over to Inspire Europe in October so am keen to meet new users and re-connect with old contacts.






Hello everyone,


I’ve been using Alteryx for about six months in healthcare.  It’s our tool of choice for preparing all our data sets for Tableau, datawarehouse, etc.  I love using it to connect multiple data sources, create new variables, etc.  


I’m also the healthcare tableau user group leader.  My plan is to get involved with Alteryx’s user group as well as time allows.  I love the community from both companies.


Anyway, nice to meet ya all.  Nicole Lohr


Hello Community!


Hi! I'm Jordy, and I am database developer and SharePoint administrator designing apps to help our client teams run their process more efficiently. Our company has started using Alteryx, and I have been given the chance to see where Alteryx can be used in our processes and workflows.


I've finished off all the Interact Lessons on the Academy page, and I've been able to write a couple workflows that have trimmed off hours for one of our teams. I'm working on the interact components, and looking into what is needed for making the workflow an app so the team can run the workflow themselves.


When I get chance, I like to head up to Lake Livingston to get some fishing in, and I love to play golf.



Sr. Program Manager
Sr. Program Manager

Hello Alteryx Community! My name is Trey Waddell and I'm the new Program Manager for the community platform. Taking over for the legend, @AlexKo_ formerly known as @AlexKo . I'm a huge fan of community and previous to this role, I worked for a community vendor for over 10 years as a moderator, customer support engineer, support manager, and project manager in professional services. I'm from the Seattle area, but have lived in sunny San Diego for the last 15+ years. I'm married, have two kiddos, 6 cats (yep, 6), and love going to see live music, gardening, watching the Seahawks and Huskies, and turning my yard into a faux Maui landscape. I'm looking forward to getting to know you all better and continue to improve on this awesome community.