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Hi @pengland17@FutureShorter33, and everyone,


It is nice to meet you. I do tax consulting too. I have built many Alteryx workflows for work, which helped me (and my team) save a lot of hours. I am also learning SQL and Python. I am so grateful that we are working for a company that promotes digital upskilling 


All the best and welcome!









Hi Julie,


Thanks for this thread.


I am Ravi, working as a BA with a keen interest in solving complex business and social problems using data and analytics. Recently met alteryx, looking forward to learn, grow and contribute.


Eager to implement ETL using Alteryx:)


PS: First post here on the community, getting used to the flow. Appreciate any tips.





Alteryx Partner



Hello Alteryx Community!


I am Jason, a Senior Financial Analyst at Sprint. With a background in computer science and mathematics, I love how intuitive the interface of Alteryx is. The setup of most tools is also simple to figure out, and with many of them, just playing around can lead to learning that tool.


Having not come from a financial background, I faced some hurtles in my current position. Alteryx has helped by letting me automate the mundane tasks I have, and letting me focus on the data. I love having access to this tool! It is loads of fun to use!


Hi Jason,


Welcome to the Community, I am glad you are loving the platform!


My name is Chris Shernaman and I am Alteryx's User Group program lead for our Industry& Departmental User Groups. If you'd be interested in connecting with others, hearing use cases around Tax, Audit + Office of Finance, sharing experiences please join and subscribe to our User Group page. Once subscribed, you can stay updated on upcoming meetings & topics of discussions.




Chris Shernaman

User Group Programs | Industry & Departmental, Internal, APAC

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