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Hi Everyone,


I'm Danny and I'm a financial data analyst working for a plant hire company in the UK.

I've been using Alteryx for around 18 months and so far am completely self taught.


We don't have the luxury of a data warehouse (something which I'm working on having previously worked at a business so focused on data set-up it was like winning the data lottery!) so Alteryx is proving in-valuable in relation to ETL.


I'll be booking myself onto a core concepts training course in the new year as I'm sure I've picked up some bad habits already, and will be looking to attend Inspire Europe next year.






I don't see his introduction, but I'd like to personally welcome our "Assistant to the Regional Manager". Welcome Dwight!


Hi Community


This is Gourab and I currently works in Unilever Global Enterprise Technology Solution Centre (ETSC) as Information Executive for Information & Analytics team . I currently works with the I&A team and we caters to the FMCG industry . My favourite weekend activities includes working on my projects, discovering new tools for analytics (to be honest that's how I came to know about Alteryx) ,playing cricket and cooking . 


Currently we are using Alteryx extensively for our Analytics projects which involves Data cleaning ,modelling after the ETL Process . We are still using Alteryx for Data preparation and blending but definitely I would love to explore the predictive analytics tools . 


The areas I am focusing is on data analysis and visualization . 


Thanks once again Abhisheck for the welcome message and looking forward to be part of the Bangalore user Group and contribute in best possible way. 


Feel free to connect with me on LInkedIn Profile

Best Regards



Hi everyone, 


I'm Dave, Head of Space Data Analysis for Halfords, a bike and car parts retailer in the UK and Ireland.  Currently using Alteryx as part of our toolkit for driving space and range performance.  As a relative newcomer to Alteryx, I'm finding the community a useful source of information.  My previous roles have involved the usual suspects: SQL, SAP, plus retail-specific software such as JDA Intactix and SAS analytics for clustering.  



Alteryx Certified Partner

Hi @Dave_Cooper,


Your job title sounds fascinating! Do you do analysis on retail space or Space (as in the universe)?


I'm thinking the first as I don't recall seeing and moons and stars for sale last time I went to buy a headlight bulb

Hi Neil, it is the retail-y type of space rather than the Star Wars-y one, so it genuinely isn't rocket science.

Alteryx Partner

Hi Everyone!


I'm Jess, Data Methodologist and Curriculum & Training Lead at Icimo in Cary, NC!  I've been working with Alteryx since September 2016. I always find amazing resources here in the Alteryx Community. I enjoy meeting and exchanging ideas about Alteryx with other data enthusiasts!


Hey gang,

I'm relatively new to BI & Analytics, been at it for just about a year, and have been using Alteryx the whole time, so I'm well aware that I still have plenty to learn, and look forward to learning it.  This community has already answered a few questions for me just from searching here when I'm stuck, so I thought I'd join up and maybe become another helpful voice, but, more likely, continue to find answers in the wisdom that already exists here.

Hi there.


My name is Gareth, and I am an IM&T auditor at the Wales Audit Office, in the UK.


I've only very recently started to have a go at Alteryx, and by the looks of it, this community will be a key part of my learning curve!


I notice that there is the 'Inspire' event in the US, but was wondering whether anything like this takes place in the UK at all, or other Alteryx related conferences etc?




Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner



Welcome to the community.  There is an Inspire18 in Europe!  Here's a link:


London, UK | 8 - 10 October 2018




Alteryx ACE & Top Community Contributor

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