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How to access webinars


I want to join this webinar


I don't know how to join it. It keeps asking me to sign up. I have an Alteryx license and just want to attend the webinar!


Thanks for any help.


Hi @jamesgough


these webinars are free to join, they simply require a registration. I'm afraid you've missed it now, as it was live about 1.5 hours ago, but I'm pretty sure a recording will be available in a few business days to be accessed on demand and you should get the recording link to the email address you used when you registered.


Tagging @JamesMA to send you the recording link as soon as it's available just in case you shouldn't get it.


Hope this helps!




Hi @jamesgough 


Sorry to hear that you couldn't join.


The webinar should be available at next week.



Alteryx Certified Partner

Hey @JamesMA , would you by any chance be able to share the workflow used? I would love to play around with the predictions based on different parameters.


Hi @TheWizLo 


I've attached the workflow, macro and data used for the predictions for you to have a play with.


Let me know how you find it!







Here is the workflow and macro as I can only unclude 5 attachments per message.

Alteryx Certified Partner

Thanks @JamesMA, really appreciate it!  And great predictions btw, certainly got the finals correct but just wish your predictions actually came true!  I wanted Fed to win so badly and the whole time I was thinking - "He has to, Alteryx predicted him to win and Alteryx is never wrong!" Haha.  It was such a thriller and an incredible match regardless, Fed had his chances but Djoker was just too good in the end.


Haha me too @TheWizLo 


I was fully ready to brag when he head the two championship points!


Just means I need to improve the model for next year!